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Forget clipboards

Landscape connect is the new way of creating and answering landscape questionnaires.

Built from the ground up to be perfect for collecting great quality landscape data.


A picture speaks a thousand words, so we collect one with each questionnaire response


Location gives context to a questionnaire response and is grabbed automatically when taking a photo


Just like a clipboard, Landscape Connect doesn't need Internet in the field to work. Download a questionnaire to use it anywhere


With three ways of downloading a questionnaire and instant feedback at the end of a session it's perfect for using with field-day groups

Simple administrative tools

Creating a new form has never been simpler. Simply drag and drop questions to build a questionnaire. Collecting data back from questionnaires is done automatically as soon as the device has an internet connection.

Full of Features

Built by a team that understands landscape data


Customisale form styles incorporating four different question types

Fast data collection

completed forms are uploaded directly from the device, perhaps before the user even gets back


A GPS fix is taken at the same time as the photo, ensuring high quality survey data

Works day and night

Our system is operational 24/7, taking returned questionnaires and saving them to our secure system

Data analytics

Landscape connect comes with tailored data analytics to help show important features in the data

Publishing tools

Turn on open data sharing to instantly publish the data collected as an open data set

Android Phone and Tablet compatible

The app is compatible with both Android Phones and Tablets running 4.1 honeycomb and higher. This is over 90% of the Android market.

Location is enhanced by using triangulation from cell phone towers, making the process easier and faster than finding a location on a GPS device.

Photos are uploaded in the highest resolution possible from the device, making photos invaluable in understanding the landscape.

Live Projects

See what our users have been creating in the public questionnaire gallery.

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